Pictures of Carpenter Ants

When you see a carpenter ant in our house that mean trouble! Carpenter ants are only found where there is wet and rotting wood to build their nests and wood to eat for survival. If you see carpenter ants in your home or cottage that means you have a nest nearby and you need to fix the problem right away before they take over.

The best way to make sure your house does not get infested with carpenter ants is to do the following:

  • Fix any wood that has been damaged or is current wet from moisture;
  • Provide proper ventilation for any areas where there is high humidity or moisture;
  • Do not store firewood inside your home;
  • If you have any trees close your house make sure that the tree limbs do not touch your home;
  • Make sure you remove all rotting wood from around your home and do not store rotting firewood, lumber or stumps.

When trying to locate where the carpenter ant nest is you need to simply follow the ants and see where they are going.  The job of the worker ant is to find food for the colony and to support the carpenter ant Queen.  Once you find the next you can dispose of it and ensure that you kill the Queen.  If there is no Queen carpenter ant then there will be no new crop of ants in your home.